Washed Ashore on Fire Island


One of the things about the beach that I like most is that it is always changing. The waves, tides, wind and storms are constantly reshaping the shoreline. You never know what new objects you will find on the beach everyday. Usually its Sea Glass or some colorful shells but every now and then you discover a large object. Did this item wash ashore or has it been buried for many years under the sand?


Recently I was walking the beach behind the Fire Island Lighthouse on the the Great South Bay. I came upon this massive cast iron rusted piece of machinery half buried in the sand. At first I was drawn by the perfectly machined teeth of this gear covered by years of textured rust. I liked how this rust colored object blended with the color of the sand and contrasted with the blue sky and green beach grass. After photographing it for about an hour I began to realize that there was more than just the visual appeal,  there was a story. What was this machine, where did it come from, how old was it, was it an old part to the Lighthouse?


As I stood there with my hand touching the top of this machine it dawned on me. We can not  travel to the past but the past can travel to us.
If anyone knows anything about this item please leave a comment below.




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