The Ghost Lighthouse


After photographing the St Augustine lighthouse I decided to look up its history. What I found made chills go up my spine. Workers and visitors hearing strange sounds, voices. Two little girls who died on the site during the Lighthouse construction appearing together standing on a walkway. Go to this link on Wikipedia and scroll to the last paragraph.


This Lighthouse is considered such a hotspot for paranormal activity that the long running SYFY tv show Ghost Hunter did a show on the Lighthouse. Season 2 episode 19 here is the link


The lighthouse even has a tour called Dark of the Moon tour. that allows you to experience this paranormal activity yourself. Here is the link.


One more thing, while I was at the lighthouse I did not notice anything unusual however after photographing on the grounds I wanted a long shot with the lighthouse sticking up from the trees. The St Augustine Lighthouse is 164 feet tall and towers over the trees and homes in the area. So I got in my car and drove the four blocks to Route A1A but could not see the Lighthouse. I drove all over trying to find a spot that I could see the lighthouse but could not find one. At the time I did not think much of it. I did not know how tall the lighthouse was. I thought maybe the lighthouse was in a low spot or maybe the trees were very tall. I eventually gave up my quest for this photo and as I pulled away I jokingly said out loud “They should call this the Ghost Lighthouse”. Little did I know.


If anyone has photos of the St Augustine Lighthouse from route A1A please comment I would love to see them.






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