The Crystal Forest

If you look at the sun in the summer and the winter the only difference is that in the northern hemisphere it is lower in the southern sky. It seems odd that in the winter we feel cold yet that same burning orb of the summer that made us run for shade is overhead. I have always wanted to make a photograph that shows this contradiction of heat and cold.


I had my chance after a bad ice storm that was followed by a polar vortex. I slowly made my way into the woods before sunset with my camera tucked under my coat to help keep it warm and a set of cross country ski poles so I would not fall on my bum. It was like I was in a crystal forest every branch was encased with ice. I kept hiking until I found the branch I wanted. I took out my camera an lined up the glowing orange setting sun with the branch. I look at this photo to remind myself that a sunny day no matter how cold beats a cold cloudy drab colorless winter day anytime.

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