Welcome to Jimmy Rea Photography

I am a Fine Art Photographer. I create unique  pieces of photographic art for use as decor for home, office, hospitality, restaurant and interior design clients. My files are filled with a vast variety of images.  Email me what you are looking for and I will check my files. If my style is what you are looking for I am also available for assignment work. Email me at: ReaPhoto28@gmail.com


Great design, strong colors and beautiful light is what inspires me. When I am shooting I see the image long before I pick up the camera. The camera is nothing more than a tool that lets me show others how I see. This frozen moment in time allows the viewer to see the world through my eyes. My goal is to create a unique handmade piece of photographic art.

As far back as I can remember I always saw things differently. Photography has allowed me to show others what I see.

I hope seeing through my eyes helps you to see your world in new ways.